Software Development

Code: It's what I do.

My work as a software developer puts food on the table, shoes on my children's feet, and pearls around my Wife's neck. Well, no. Actually it hasn't put pearls around her neck. But still, you get the idea. I do this for a living.

I also do it because I love it. Tinkering... Building things... Stay up coding until 2AM for the fun of it. Often, my late-night tinkering ends up being a core feature of a product I build at my day job. Other times I just delete it and move on if I don't have an immediate use for it. Instead of deleting, why not share it on GitHub? If nothing else, using Git will save my tinkering from the recycle bin until I have a use for it.

Here are a few projects I've created and open-sourced.

The Werx Project

Werx is a micro-framework for PHP 5.4+. It brings together the building blocks you need to build a PHP application without all the overhead and learning curve associated with the big PHP frameworks.

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Mock Data Generator

I work with very data-intensive applications. Sometimes I need large quantities of test data for building test cases and seeding web services, databases, online forms, etc. I wrote this library to assist with this.

With a simple loop, I can generate a database representing 100,000 people to use in my development and testing.

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Twitter Consumer

As of the 1.1 version of the Twitter REST API, all requests require OAuth.

In March, 2013, Twitter released Application-only authentication to allow requests on behalf of an APPLICATION, as opposed to on behalf of a specific USER.

This library implements the new authentication for public resources like user timelines.

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jQuery Confirm

Create native confirmation dialog boxes based on data attributes. Fancy modal windows are great, but sometimes you just need a native confirm box.

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String Converter

Simple UI for converting strings.

Years ago, a Firefox update broke my beloved HackBar plugin, so I wrote this little utility to give me back most of the Hackbar features. I still use this utility every day.

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